Bud Clark Commons Receives AIA Cote Award

Bud Clark Commons has received numerous accolades over the last few years and this latest one is especially notable.  Congratulations to our friends at HOLST Architecture for receiving this recognition for a highly integrated design process and the impressive design that resulted from it.

The AIA COTE Top Ten Award not only goes to great works of architecture but also requires a high level of performance on top of the basic building design criteria. Kudos also goes out to the core WALSH team that put this outstanding project together: Pete Bruns, Chuck Moore, Ted Friedman, Joey Bowles, Brian Johnson, Chuck Howard, Dalan Askew, Linda Woolery, Mike Bufton and Dan Snow; and to the many others that contributed in large and small ways to the project’s success.

This is the second WALSH project to receive the Top Ten award over the last three years.  Mercy Corps HQ received the honor in 2012.  These awards are testaments to the deep, spirited, collaborative teamwork that WALSH teams provide to our design partners on projects with deep green intentions.  Let’s keep up that good work in the days ahead.  Making better buildings!