WALSH receives the AGC 2014 Build Washington Award for Safety Excellence

We are pleased to announce that WALSH received the AGC 2014 Build Washington Award for Safety Excellence at the annual awards banquet last Thursday.  Through training and education, WALSH continues to make commitments to its most important asset: its employees.

An educated workforce keeps safety in the forefront of everything they do. The company is committed to providing safety education throughout the firm, empowering employees to act in accordance with the best safety practices. Walsh invests in safety training for all workforce classifications, from laborers and carpenters to superintendents and project managers.

Additionally, great safety planning pushes existing standards and requires continually exploring meaningful ways to augment skills. A good example is Walsh’s approach to safety standards for riggers and signalpersons, which go above and beyond what’s required by law and industry safety standards.

With a 2014 EMR of 0.6526, the company is proactive with its safety program because ongoing education and training prepares its people to anticipate and respond appropriately to situations. Their commitment to keeping all employees engaged in safety is integral to carrying forward safe practices into the future.