The Ramona: Affordable & Efficient. 2014 ASHRAE Technology Award Case Studies

The Ramona affordable multifamily apartments is a model for high-efficiency.  Based on the data measuring building performance for the three years since completion, The Ramona is certainly one of the highest performing multi-unit residential buildings in the nation with measures of less than 20 kBtu/sf/yr.  The team put a great emphasis on an airtight, thermally efficient building envelope. This was considered the most cost-effective way to get energy savings, the best way to reduce reliance on tenant behavior, and a good strategy to avoid future maintenance costs related to maintaining equipment. The Ramona continues to serve it owners and residents very well, and it continues to gather press. This month it is featured on the front cover of the ASHRAE Journal.

Kudos to WALSH Quality and the accomplished team that put The Ramona together: Larry Robertson, Al Bettis, Brandi Bernhardt, Bhavna Kumar, Kevin Stenberg, Marty Houston – and all the other WCC and RDF folks who pitched in large and small along the way.  Props as well to Barry Adams for all that timely and diligent post-completion customer service.  Delivered – as always – with a smile.