Preliminary Airtightness Tests at Passive House Orchards at Orenco

The cat is out of the bag…

Well,  we weren’t going to say anything about it publicly but others have so we’ll join the bandwagon. See what our friends at Ankrom Moisan (architect) had to say here.  See what our friends at Green Hammer (Passive House consultant) had to say here.  

It’s true that our airtightness test at the Orchards project came in with really great results. 0.075 ACH50. Nearly off the chart! For context, that is nearly 8 times as tight as the Passive House standard requirement of 0.6ACH50.

Another interesting tidbit: this was on the first test. Wow!  But keep in mind this is just a preliminary test result. The main entry doors were blocked off with plywood and sealed. The vent that tops the elevator shaft  was not yet installed.  When the final test is conducted those doors and that vent will be in place and there could be a considerable amount of leakage at those components.  So stay tuned: the final test should be coming up in April and we will report the results then.  BIG shout out to the RDF and WALSH crews for getting it done in the field!!  And all the subs that have contributed in their own ways, large and small!  This truly is a great example of our team’s commitment to clients sustainability goals and our ability to execute.  

Congrats to our project partners at REACH, HDC and Ankrom Moisan for creating such a powerful collaborative environment where we could all work together to get it done right the first time!