Framework: First Tall Timber Project in Portland

WALSH is excited to be on the team for this cutting-edge, tall timber project. Please visit Framework and “Like” their page to follow the progress of this innovative and sustainable project as it moves forward.

“A key element of the building design led by Thomas Robinson, principal of LEVER Architecture, is to communicate at street level the project’s innovative use of wood and engineering technology in the development of a high rise structure, along with its relationship to the rural economy. Integrating lessons learned from tall timber structures in Canada and Europe, Robinson and his team are expected to incorporate new structural and architectural technologies that include an engineered wood core and lateral system for seismic integrity and CLT floor panels fabricated up to 50’ in length.”

The proposed building will be a 12-story wood framed building constructed primarily with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) components for the floors and the lateral force resisting system (LFRS), in conjunction with Glue Laminated Beams (GLB) and Glue Laminated Columns (GLC). The super structure will be supported on a conventionally reinforced mat foundation.


“The real estate developer, Anyeley Hallova, a partner at Project^ explained that the project is about more than a building. …“The teams had to have an idea of the processes in which the project could catalyze Oregon rural economic development,” she adds. “The main goal of all that is to spur economic development in rural America.” … The building is supposed to reflect the values of the owner — two B Corps, Beneficial and Albina, which are focused on social justice and economic opportunity.”

Link to the article in the Portland Tribune.