WALSH Sponsors a Tree for Providence’s O’ Christmas Trees Event

This year in Seattle, Walsh Construction Co. sponsored a tree for Providence’s O’ Christmas Trees event. This event, which spans three days, helps raise money for the ministries of Providence Senior and Community Services—these ministries serve seniors in need of housing, hospice, and healthcare every day.

Our “Walking in a Winter Neverland” tree was designed by Shauna Reid, Bill Reid’s daughter and former WALSH employee. The tree was a great success, and it and other sponsored trees helped Providence raise $1.57 million at their Gala Dinner & Auction, the most they have ever raised.

A big thank you goes out to the elves who assisted in painting some of the ornaments for the tree: Savanna Anderson, Rachel Bang, Julia Mickelson, Cristina Rivera, Paula Suarez, Wendy Kato, and Shauna’s mother Allison Reid.