University of Oregon New Residence Hall Exceeds Whole Building Air Tightness Records

 WALSH is very excited to share the news of the University of Oregon New Residence Hall project. We just concluded our whole building air tightness testing in May and the result was .037CFM/SF. For context, the air barrier standard is .40CFM/SF. Most buildings we have been testing have been coming in between .17-.22. So this is REALLY EXCITING results for the project team! The building is 136,655 SF, which includes four stories of wood framed housing over a concrete first floor structure with common spaces and housing, and a partial basement.

Great leadership from David Opp-Beckman and George Bleekman at U of O. Great design by Mahlum Architects and great execution by our WALSH Quality Department led by Martin Houston, the WALSH project team and our subcontractors. Preconstruction by WALSH employees, Ed Sloop, John Gilson and Aaron Elliott. Construction implementation by Aaron Elliott, Bennett Barnwell, Richard Stephenson, Carlos Flores and our RDF crews! Well done!