Bob Walsh was awarded the Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC) Icons award!

Bob Walsh was awarded the Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC) Icons award at a ceremony Dec. 14. The award honors the local building industry’s long-time leaders who have contributed to the overall health and success of the area. We at WALSH couldn’t agree more with the recognition and are grateful to have such a thoughtful, community-focused leader who has dedicated almost 57 years to the collective success of not only our organization and people, but to the numerous non-profits and community builders we partner with throughout the Northwest. We want to thank Bob for all of his efforts over the years and for his continued support and guidance for the betterment of all of our people throughout the ranks of this great company. In true Bob form, when he was told we were nominating him, his first reaction was that the company’s success has always been a collective effort and there is no reason for him to only have this recognition. Although we understand his stance, we beg to differ.

Congratulations to Bob and congratulations to all of our fellow icons out there doing good works! Below is a link to the video of our President Matt Leeding accepting the award on Bob’s behalf.

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