Tables are Flying on our Grand Avenue Affordable Housing Project

Walsh Construction Co. and O’Neill Construction Group (OWCB) are jointly building the Grand Avenue Apartments in the Lloyd District. This will be Portland’s largest single-building affordable housing project since the 286-unit Hollywood East was built in 1969. When complete in 2020 it will offer 240 units (88 studios, 109 one-bedroom units and 43 two-bedroom units) of affordable housing.

“The affordable housing that will be built here will be big. It will have presence. It will be beautiful and it will affirm that the people who live here belong here,” said Michael Buonocore, executive director of Home Forward. “This is a great neighborhood to live in if you are an entrepreneur, or an architect or a healthcare professional. It’s also a great place for the guy who polishes the floors at the convention center, for the woman who pulls shots at Dutch Brothers or for the kid who checks people in at the Hotel Eastlund across the street. This city and this neighborhood belong to them as much as it belongs to any of us. The 240 apartments being built here will help us make sure that continues to be true.”

Thank you to LEVER Architecture and LRS Architects for excellent team work and communication. Thank you to our WALSH team of Craig Leonnig, Meghan Gross Herteg, Ted Friedman, Nick Leeding, Caitlin B. Kelley for their diligent efforts and a special thanks to our onsite safety manager Roberto Aguilar for working to keep us all safe!

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