Hard at Work at Blackburn Medical Center

Superintendent Duane Stearns (over 19+ years with WALSH) and Assistant Superintendent Osmani Gonzalez (over 22+ years at WALSH) hard at work at the Blackburn Center project for Central City Concern. The two-story health care facility will serve 3,000 people each year with recovery and mental health services, as well as targeted primary care services. The building’s residential portion will offer: 80 transitional, single-room units for low-income individuals; 51 transitional, “respite care” units; 34 permanent studios and 10 “palliative care” units. Blackburn Building is the third of three buildings in the “Housing is Health” initiative, a pioneering commitment from local hospitals and health organizations to supportive, affordable housing. Thanks to the WALSH and RDF teams for all their hard work on this innovative health and housing project! #walshhealthcare #walshbuildscommunity #letsbuildsomethinglasting #walshaffordable #buildingvalue #walshcofamily #walshhealthandhousing