Historic Frye Hotel

A great team on site as renovations begin on the historic Frye building for Low Income Housing Institute! This spring marks the 108th anniversary of the grand opening of George and Louisa Frye’s eleven-story, steel-frame Frye Hotel. Now known as “The Frye”, the building provides 234 affordable apartments and is currently set to undergo full renovations. Exterior renovations include updating brick façade to modern seismic requirements, brick repoint, refurbishing historical windows, and replacing fiberglass windows. Interior work includes the replacement of plumbing in unit bathrooms and kitchens, replacement of unit and common area flooring, repainting all units and common areas, and modern upgrades to residential units (new stainless-steel countertops and appliances). Design is by Environmental Works. Our Walsh team includes Jack Kuester, Ron Ward, BJ Kuester, Tom Hardin, Jeremiah Phillips, Ujwal Joshi, Cindie Banta and RDF crew: Antione Manning, Demetrius Hunt, Jose Castro Silva, Steven Strauss, Brian Penn, Daniel Moery, Ian Daniel, Tyron Pitcher, Isaiah Dela Cruz, and Tom Speed. #lowincomehousinginstitute #walshrestore #walshaffordable #projectswithpurpose #letsbuildsomethinglasting #buildingvalue #walshhousing #endhomelessness