Congratulations to Sharon Libby on Promotion to Quality Director

Today we celebrate another one of our hard working employees, who was recently promoted! Congratulations to Sharon Libby as, “She has moved on to the role of Quality Director at Walsh Construction Co. Sharon joined WALSH in 2013 and since then has served ably and diligently as a Quality Manager on many projects in both the Washington and Oregon regions.

As all who have worked with Sharon know, she brings a super positive attitude and an ethic of service to all the work she does, and has been particularly focused on proactively addressing the needs of our teams in the field as they pursue the highest level of quality on every one of our projects. Over the past two decades WALSH has developed an industry leading approach to Quality, and I have the highest degree of confidence that Sharon is ready to lead our Quality team into the future, serving WALSH project teams as well the clients and project partners we work so closely together with.

-Matt Leeding

Please join us in welcoming Sharon to her new role!

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