Beautiful work on the 18-story, 210-unit, historic Ya-Po-Ah Terrace renovations!

Beautiful work by all involved on the 18-story, 210-unit, historic Ya-Po-Ah Terrace renovations – the tallest building in Eugene, Oregon! The extensive renovations and improvements will allow the owner, Evergreen Union Retirement Association, a private nonprofit organization formed by five local labor unions, to continue to serve seniors with much needed affordable housing in Eugene for many more years.

The occupied renovations are going exceptionally well thanks to our dedicated team of Craig Leonnig, Howie Petker, Mark Fletcher, Abigail Anderson and Caitlin B. Kelley. Huge thanks to our project partner MWA ArchitectsRDF Builders Co. and our dedicated subcontractors who continue to work diligently to preserve essential affordable housing for our seniors.