Willow Creek Project Team Wins OCAPA Concrete Award !

CONGRATULATIONS to RDF Builders and our WALSH crews for their EXCELLENCE IN CONCRETE AWARD for Willow Creek Crossing in the Residential/Multi-Family Category! This award is a testament to the men and women of RDF Builders Co. and the quality and craftsmanship they bring to our projects.

The Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association Excellence In Concrete Awards program began 39 years ago, and continues today, as a way to recognize projects and companies for their exemplary use of concrete in building design, construction, and landscaping. The 120-unit Willow Creek Crossing project for Housing Authority of Washington County together with DGB Properties, and designed by TVA Architects, provides affordable, multi-family housing to serve Washington County families in need.

Congratulations to all of the people of the Willow Creek Crossing team and to all the recipients of the 2020 OCAPA Concrete award! Link to the list of winners https://pamplinmedia.com/…/466060-377570-hard-times-soft-la…

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