Completed Interior Renovations of the 110-yr old Frye Apartments for LIHI !

Major congrats are in store for the WALSH and RDF team, as we have officially completed the interior renovation of the 110-yr old Frye Apartments building owned by Low Income Housing Institute. We are proud and ecstatic to have renovated 234 affordable apartment homes in 10 phases over the course of 20 months, working around existing residents and staff.

Major improvements have been made to the interior of the building including renovations to the main lobby, repairs to the grand staircase and complete renovations to majority of the housing units. A unique complexity to this project was the phasing of work in vertical stacks, including coring between floors, in order to accommodate the plumbing and HVAC replacement scope. Keeping all residents, workers and pedestrians safe in this complex urban location during a Pandemic was a remarkable accomplishment. This wouldn’t have been possible without our diligent and exceptional project team in Ron Ward, BJ Kuester, Tom Hardin, Jeremiah Phillips, Cindie Banta, Antione Manning, Brian Penn, Eric Zuetenhorst and special thanks to design partner Environmental Works. We look forward to fully completing the project with the reconstruction of the historic cornice work on the exterior of the building this coming Spring with Pioneer Masonry!