Congratulations to the team on the Medallion and Williams redevelopment!

Home ForwardWalsh Construction Co.Salazar Architect Inc. and Holst have recently completed an integrated holistic design-build preservation redevelopment for our Portland community. The completion of the occupied renovations to Medallion Apartments and Williams Plaza provide safe, comfortable, and affordable homes for decades to come – ensuring that current residents and generations of future families will have stable and affordable homes close to public transit and supportive services.

This video highlights the successful completion of these projects which will assure that the people of the community are sheltered. Home Forward is dedicated to those who encounter barriers to housing because of income, disability or special need and continues to promote, operate and develop affordable housing that engenders stability, self-sufficiency, self-respect and pride in its residents and also provide a long-term community asset.  Link to the video:

Congratulations to the WALSH team of Aaron ElliottBennett BarnwellBen Bechdolt, Jenny Schneider, Brian AmesRobert Cunningham and Sara Schubert for their exceptional work revitalizing these communities!

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