Construction is an Excellent Career Choice !

WALSH is proud to have helped build a new Residential Construction program at Seattle Central’s Wood Technology Center, launching this fall. Their certificate in Residential Construction includes options for students who are brand new to the construction industry and for those who have construction experience but seek formal training to take their career to the next level.

The program will be offered in a flexible evening/weekend format, to accommodate students with work, family, or other commitments during the daytime hours. Taking just 1 year to complete, the program will prepare graduates for roles as remodelers, residential builders, and even construction supervisors, paying $65K to more than $105K per year.

Consider an exciting and rewarding career in construction!! Demand for workers with residential building skills in the Seattle area is enormous, and these jobs are both challenging and well-paying. Seattle Central College’s Wood Technology Center and BIAW will host a job fair on Friday, September 10, to connect you with these incredible opportunities.

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