The Work Begins on Mass Timber Modular Housing Units!

We are thrilled to be selected as the general contractor for the Mass Timber Modular Housing Project – Mass Casitas, for Hacienda CDC and the Port of Portland. Funded by the State of Oregon’s Legislature this is a fantastic opportunity to team up with Hacienda, Salazar Architect Inc., and the Port of Portland to advance housing innovation using mass timber to prototype, develop, and deploy their future Mass Timber Modular Housing Units.

There is great demand for housing across the state, especially affordable and workforce housing, and in some regions, the housing shortage is directly impacting economies. A lack of quality affordable housing stifles economic development in these towns, but many lack the labor to build enough new housing quickly. Prefabricated modular construction has the potential to provide housing solutions while saving both time and materials and we are excited to be involved on the forefront of these innovative technologies.

Photo by Mike Steffen: Mass Casitas project technical design workshop at Freres Wood Mass Plywood Plant

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