Jake LaManna

Quality Assurance Manager

Jake LaManna joined Walsh Construction Co. (WALSH) in 2015 and has 10 years of experience in the architecture and construction industries. As a WALSH Quality Manager he is responsible for the implementation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures. In the preconstruction phase of a project, Jake reviews the drawings and specifications in progress and advises the project team on quality and constructability issues. During construction, Jake oversees installation procedures and envelope coordination activities and conducts construction reviews with the craftspeople responsible for execution to ensure a high quality project.

Jake was drawn to WALSH to work in the space between the construction documentation and the physical products installation to make the building enclosure durable and the building process enjoyable — both in construction for the builders and in operation for the tenants and the owners. He appreciates translating “Architect” into “Builder” and back again while applying the tenets of sound building science to improve the durability and value of WALSH projects. In his spare time, he volunteers for the Construction Specifications Institute in Portland, Oregon; silently partners in the operation of a small craft brewing operation in his hometown of Gillette, Wyoming; and on the weekends works diligently on the upkeep of his wife Ali’s fifth generation family farm near La Center, WA. Sometimes he takes a vacation to ski/snowboard or lay in the sun.
Oh, and there are two dogs too.


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