Bellevue College Student Housing received a 2018 Distinguished Project Award from Northwest Construction Consumer Council!

Bellevue College Student Housing received a 2018 Distinguished Project Award from Northwest Construction Consumer Council!

Over the past year and a half, NAC Architecture and Walsh Construction Co. have worked closely with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services, Bellevue College, the City of Bellevue and our subcontractor teams to plan and deliver the College’s first student housing project, achieving LEED for Homes Platinum certification. This project represents the evolution of Bellevue College from a commuter-oriented culture to a 24/7 live/learn residential campus.

Unique features include dramatic double-cantilevered building overhangs, public roof decks featuring million-dollar views, student-funded rain gardens, and 10,000 SF of ground floor public space featuring a café, lounge and study areas.

Many thanks to: RDF Builders, Co. (Metals, WRB, Finish Carpentry); Architectural Sheet Metal, Inc.; PSA, LLC; Janes Gypsum Floors, Inc.; Bayshore Concrete LLC; SS Landscape; and PELLCO Construction.

Congratulations to the dedicated project partners and our talented WALSH team: Mariah David, Tyler Katzen, Blake Flury, Fik Mulugeta, Karen Moon, Brian Lenz, Shannon Morey and John Gilson – impressive work all!

Check out the NWCCC winners here:…/2018-NWCCC-Distinguished-Project-Aw…


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Arbora Court Receives Affordable Housing Development of the Year by NAIOP!

We are delighted to announce Arbora Court was named Affordable Housing Development of the Year at NAIOP’s 2018 Night of the Stars! The project, a partnership of Bellwether Housing and University Christian Church, designed by Weber Thompson, has the honor of being the first recipient of the new formed award. Arbora Court is focused on families transitioning out of homelessness, with many of its 133 units designed with two or three bedrooms, and a secure playground and courtyard centered under the shade of a large heritage tree.

Congratulations to all the members of the project team and to our wonderful Walsh and RDF crews for your hard work and dedication: Tommy Koviak, lead WRB crew; Jeromy Wood, lead RDF Steel crew; Justin Nieto and Carlos Olivan, lead RDF Concrete Crew; Labor Foremen Vinny Ada and Jessie Sheriff; Mike Leslie, Skin Doctor; Superintendent Joe Grim; Assistant Supts. Peter Zastko and Josh McMillan; PM Marie Delano, Project Administrators Heather Correa and Marwa Zahid; Sr PMs Greg Linnell and Jack Kuester; Quality Manager Sharon Libby, and many others who deserve the credit for a job well done. Great job Everyone!…/rounds/8/details/5444…/

Kudos to Robert Wade Photography!

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Beautiful Renovation Work of Senior Affordable Housing in Portland

The renovation of The Commons provides Security Properties Residential an opportunity to preserve the long-term affordability of the building while servicing the senior community for years to come and considerably improve the property as well as the community as a whole. Excellent work by LRS Architects and our WALSH team of Matt Leeding, Kim Smith, Richard Stephenson and Chris Wilen! Photo courtesy of Tom Emerson Photography!

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The Campus Redevelopment for Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA) is Progressing Beautifully!

The campus redevelopment for Northwest Housing Alternatives is progressing beautifully under the thoughtful care of our WALSH project team of Aaron Elliott, Drew Anderson, Afton Walsh, Sara Schubert and Nick Cardoza. A huge thanks to MWA Architects for their clear communication and teamwork and a special shout-out to Wood Mechanix for their dedicated efforts! NHA’s new campus will include; 28 units of new, permanent, affordable housing; 60% expansion of the new Annie Ross House emergency family shelter and an Operations Center to guide services for over 2,800 people each year!

The improved facilities will enable NHA to continue to provide crucial housing services for low income families, veterans, seniors and people with special needs. For more information and to contribute to this amazing project see the link

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Please Join us in Congratulating Brian Layman on his Promotion to Project Manager!

Please join us in congratulating Brian Layman on his recent promotion to Project Manager from Superintendent! A graduate from the Construction Management program at Oregon State University, Brian has successfully worked on several of our more challenging jobs including Couch 9, the 11-story heavy-frame mixed use tower and our current Redd East historic rehabilitation in the Pearl District of Portland! Please join us in congratulating Brian on this latest accomplishment and wishing him future success! hashtagwalshbuildscareers hashtagwalshcofamily hashtagletsbuildsomethinglasting hashtagteamwalshconstruction

WALSH Supports Measure 26-199 (local) and Measure 102 (statewide) for Affordable Housing

WALSH supports measures 26-199 (local) and 102 (statewide) for affordable housing along with Yes for Affordable Homes! These measures will provide a stable source of financing for 12,000 people to find affordable places to live. Many of the units will be targeted toward the most vulnerable of our population who need the most help. Providing safe, clean housing and supportive social services will go a long way toward helping the less fortunate in our community. The financial impacts on each of us individually is relatively minor and the impact to improve our community is considerable. By passing both together, we will preserve livability for our region and keep our communities together. We hope you will join us in voting “YES” for both 26-199 and 102!

Excited with the work at 30Bellevue for Imagine Housing and St. Luke’s Lutheran Church designed by SMR Architects!

Excited with the work at 30Bellevue for Imagine Housing and St. Luke’s Lutheran Church designed by SMR Architects! Currently under construction, 30Bellevue will have 63 affordable apartments ranging from 1 to 3-bedrooms and will be built to achieve Washington State Evergreen standards for energy efficiency. The project’s overall plan and thoughtfully chosen location provide a community of support, with access to jobs, schools, transportation and services for families and individuals in North Bellevue. Thanks to the WALSH team of Joe Patton, Dennis Maples, Tracy Ann Michel, Joe Geise, Jens Perrin, Savanna Anderson and Sharon Libby for their hard work and dedicated efforts on this community building project.

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