Hayashi Rowhomes Creates a Meaningful Relationship with the Outdoors

WALSH is enjoying the teamwork on our third successful project with Project^ and Daniel Childs, project architect with THA Architecture, Inc., on Hayashi Rowhomes currently under construction in North Portland.  Japanese for “woods”, Hayashi’s unique approach is “a meaningful relationship with the outdoors, superb craftsmanship, and thoughtful consideration of a home’s impact on the environment.” Slated for Earth Advantage Platinum certification, each home is being built with the highest environmental standards including low VOC paints, formaldehyde-free cabinetry, tankless water heaters and 95.5% energy efficient gas furnaces in each home.


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Marvel 29 in North Portland’s St. Johns Neighborhood Receives LEED Platinum

Built on re-developed land previously occupied by an old gas station and a vacated restaurant, Marvel 29 has received the top Platinum level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S Green Building Council. This is the highest award and Marvel 29 is the first ever project in the US to receive this award executed under a HUD 221(d) (4) loan program. In addition it is the only residential building in St Johns to receive any LEED certification.

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WALSH and Mercy Housing Northwest at the Othello Park Festival in Seattle

WALSH had a great time co-hosting a booth with Mercy Housing Northwest at the Othello Park Festival in Seattle, Washington on Sunday August 16th! The 23rd annual Rainier Valley Heritage Parade included nearly 60 local groups representing more than a dozen cultures that call Southeast Seattle home. The annual Othello Park International Music and Arts Festival, hosted by the Othello Park Alliance, featured authentic music, dance and food from East Africa, the South Pacific Islands, the Filipinas, Latin America and more. The Othello Park Alliance works to assure that Othello Park is retained, enhanced, and integrated into a vibrant, multi-cultural, pedestrian-friendly Othello Town Center and residential community.

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Station 162: Affordable and Fully ADA Accessible Housing for Adults and Seniors

Quad Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves the disabled community, has plans to open a new facility to serve seniors and those with special needs in wheelchairs.

The organization, Quadriplegics United Against Dependency Inc., is expected to go before Gresham’s design review commission later this month for the final vetting of plans to build the 44-unit affordable housing project at 306 S.E. 162nd Ave.. Called Station 162, the facility will be funded with low-income housing tax credits.

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Constructing A Model for Ultra Energy Efficient, Affordable Housing in the Pacific Northwest

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An ultra high performance enclosure is the heart of the passive house concept. The enclosure should be airtight and highly insulated, with limited thermal bridging. Additionally, the enclosure should be designed to mitigate potential durability issues related to moisture. Design for moisture management is important at all construction types but becomes even more critical when wood frame construction is used due to the moisture sensitivity of wood-based building materials. In previous posts, I’ve addressed the context and design of the Orchards at Orenco and the construction of the building foundation.

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