This project will include the demolition of existing surface parking facilities and the construction of a new five-story, slab-on-grade, wood-framed Type 5A student residential building on a mildly sloping site. The new building will contain approximately 132,000 square feet, with a target bed count of 350 beds.

This new structure will consist of two wings of housing. The west wing includes of four stories of double-loaded, apartment-style units over a main level student life space called the “hub.” The east wing will consist of five stories of housing with a finish floor height one level higher than the west wing due to the sloping nature of the site. The east and west wings will be linked together with a glass bridge, and a portion of the west wing will be elevated off the ground opening to a lawn or plaza space along Kelsey Creek Road.

The housing mix will consist of one bedroom studios, two bedroom apartments with a shared bath, two bedroom apartments (4 beds, double occupancy) with two baths, and four bedroom apartments with two baths. The main level “hub” space will contain student assembly and common space, meeting rooms, a small café, and other student life functions.

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