Three new multi-story apartments and a Seattle Landmark form the new BelRoy Court mixed-use project. An exceptional mix of historical and new construction involves careful preservation of the 1931 BelRoy Apartments and creates one 6-story and two 3-story buildings integrated into the lot with significant open space, a central courtyard and p-patch. Both old and new structures are served by an underground parking garage that uses an existing entry on Roy Street. WALSH also made new improvements to create safer and pedestrian-friendly street frontage with removal of existing curbcuts and new landscaping.

The BelRoy is a one-of-a-kind structure housing a third of the project’s 167 units. Walsh used thermal imagery to locate and repair areas of deterioration on the 80-year-old building’s exterior; cleaning the signature brick facing, resealing and painting the steel windows, replacing glass and weatherstripping doors and windows for protection from future weather damage and improvement of energy use.

Categories: Housing, Affordable