Construction of The Ethiopian Village project for The Ethiopian Community in Seattle is currently underway and will provide a community center and affordable housing to seniors in South Seattle. To the north part of the site, a new five-story apartment building will hold 90 apartments, 5,000 square feet of community space, a café, a community room, a lounge area, an outdoor amenity space, and 43 structured parking stalls. This north building will connect to an existing 9,400 square-foot, one-story community center situated on the site’s south side, which will undergo a complete renovation. The 78,800 square-foot project will also feature a central courtyard.

This project aims to preserve community assets and reduce the displacement of low-income seniors while providing valuable support services. Some of the critical services will include after-school programming, senior meal programs, health workshops, social services, summer camps, coding training, and cultural immersion courses.

*Rendering courtesy Environmental Works