Broadway Recovery Center is a licensed mental health and addiction treatment center offering primary and behavioral health care to as many as 40,000 patients a year. The building features a modern façade made up of expansive windows, brick and metal panels. Interior spaces include exam rooms, counseling offices, occupational therapy, nursing stations and offices.

Categories: Healthcare

Sustainability Notes

Efficient use of water, energy, materials and sustainable design features contributed to the rating. The 45,000 square foot building is also designed to meet the “Architecture 2030 Challenge” which aims to reduce building energy use by 60% over the national average.

Sustainable highlights include:

  • A 77% reduction in potable water use made possible by adding a 14,000 gallon rainwater, below-slab tank and using rainwater to flush toilets. (This exceeds the typical 35% savings that is achieved through fixtures only.)
  • A 30% energy savings when compared to Oregon’s energy code achieved by advanced mechanical/lighting systems, high performance windows and a unique exterior wall design.
  • A healthy and comfortable indoor environment for both employees and patients achieved through selecting finishes that have the least environmental and human health impact.