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Committed equity contractor, leading by example

We invest in advancing equity and creating a diverse, inclusive work culture. Through intention and compassion, we maintain a welcoming and supportive work environment for all employees.

Walsh makes a measurable impact in subcontracting and hiring by continuously investing in partnerships, training, and mentorships, creating growth and professional advancement opportunities for companies and our individuals. By utilizing organizations such as RISE Up on our jobsites, and through a long history engaging with groups like NAWIC, PBDG, NAMC, OAME, and Latino Built, we foster a well-rounded and informed staff of compassionate team members. Our management, leadership, and technical teams are currently equally comprised of self-identified women and men, better than the industry average. We are also proud to offer Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) companywide, connecting employees through common interests, issues, and backgrounds.

We are proud to have some of the highest numbers of women in technical and leadership roles in the construction industry.

Our efforts to create a diverse workforce start in the schools and continue by working with pre-apprenticeship programs, removing barriers to apprentices, and providing meaningful opportunities to journeyperson level workers. Upon hire, team members take part in jobsite readiness training, trade-specific training, and our comprehensive mentorship program. In addition, we cover tuition for advanced training classes at AGC for burgeoning leaders in the field.

Our teams employ RISE Up, a collaborative effort between Oregon Tradewomen and Professional Business Development Group (PBDG), in order to foster respectful workplace culture and practices.