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Inspired by an honest interest in service

Our dedication to community and mission-driven work fuels our best effort and highest value.

Generosity has been a company value since our inception and our leadership sets the tone, fostering a company-wide culture of generosity, community, and service to others. We have been fortunate to have partnered with so many inspirational clients with a true dedication to community improvement projects. It has been our honor to help our non-profit clientele provide environments that expand opportunities for our vulnerable populations. Walsh’s tradition of partnership with non-profit organizations spurred our annual Employee Giving Campaign which encourages employees to give back, with the company matching individual funds to increase the amount pledged, amounting to millions donated back to our communities.

Our fundraising efforts allow up to continue supporting organizations with a mission to better the world.

Annually, we host annual fund-raising golf tournaments in both Seattle and Portland, along with sponsoring a multitude of events throughout the years.