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Industry-leading Quality Control department, ensuring building performance

While each project is different, they all share a common element: a well-insulated, airtight building enclosure. We offer the added benefit of our Quality department on each project. This team jumps in at the preconstruction stage, testing and verifying materials, often creating full unit mock-ups, and always walking alongside our project teams to offer advice and guidance. Our Quality team members include licensed or former architects, with intimate knowledge of building exterior design and performance – along with an ability to seek the most sustainable options and vet materials and processes needed to achieve sustainable certifications. All of this ensures our clients receive the highest quality product that will endure.

Led by Quality Director, Sharon Libby Eyerly, our Quality team focuses on the performance of the entire building enclosure, provides quality assurance throughout preconstruction and by constructability reviews, and provides quality control through guidance and execution in the field.

This highly skilled team has helped build Walsh’s reputation for quality, producing unparalleled airtightness results over the past decade. With their capable guidance, our structures received airtightness results 50 percent better than the code requirements, allowing us to maintain our place as a top general contractor, successfully building, renovating, and improving buildings throughout the damp climate of the Pacific Northwest. This team’s involvement ensures costly mistakes are prevented in later stages through early air and water leak detection and testing.

In addition, they interface closely with our BIM and Layout teams, Warranty group, and project teams with MEP coordination. Often a first contact for our trade partners, the Quality team mentors, advises, and ensure lessons learned are applied time and again in a quick and effective manner.

Thought Leadership

Sealant adhesion is a critical component of designing and specifying weatherproofing systems. To better serve our clients and our communities, Walsh developed a report based on a comprehensive sealant adhesion study performed by our Quality team.

The construction of mock-ups allows our teams to test air and water leakage through WRB and window installs. As a result of our Quality team's diligence, Walsh projects meet code and sustainability requirements, and exceed building performance expectations. Our projects are built to last.