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Building responsibly for a sustainable future

We rehabilitate and construct buildings efficiently with careful use of time, materials, energy, money, and space.

The delivery of high performance, green buildings has become central to what we do. We place a high priority on creating healthy, durable, and highly energy-efficient buildings, understanding that a building which uses less energy will reduce environmental impacts and operating costs. Our commitment to green building is aligned with our commitment to building quality. With each project we propose environmentally sustainable alternatives, stressing energy efficiency, durability, and a healthy indoor environment for the building occupants. On green projects, we have the systems and experience needed to complete the documentation to comply with any current sustainable building programs.

Walsh has dedicated significant company resources to creating sustainable, innovative solutions for both our clients and for our own operations. We are passionate about green building and have extensive experience helping clients implement innovative and cost-effective green strategies.

Our history with mass timber spans decades. Known as experts in wood-framed construction, we know how to implement sustainable options, innovative solutions, and repurposed value.

Walsh works with design teams and subcontractors to develop and install envelope systems that assure the desired level of quality and energy efficiency. As a result, we have produced buildings that attain the desired level of sustainable certification and deliver savings to the owner and end users. On several projects, actual energy performance substantially exceeded the modeled energy performance.

4 Passive House

21 LEED Platinum

49 LEED Gold

53 LEED Silver

3 Architecture 2030 Challenge

1 Living Building Challenge

2 Net Zero Ready

12 EPA Energy Star Challenge

11 Earth Advantage Gold

12 Earth Advantage Platinum